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A guide to getting the most out of your conference tool


If you are looking for an easy way to hold online meetings, ClickMeeting is a great option. This conference tool is simple to use and can accommodate 25 participants. You can also share your screen with other attendees, making it easy to collaborate on projects. Best of all, ClickMeeting is free for up to three participants.

clickmeeting conference tool is a powerful tool that lets you host online meetings with colleagues, clients, or customers. ClickMeeting is easy to use and enables you to share your screen, presentations, and documents with participants. You can also video sessions for future reference.

Features: what are some of the elements of clickmeeting conference tool?

When it comes to online meeting software, ClickMeeting is one of the most popular options. But what makes it so great? Here are some of the elements that make ClickMeeting a top choice for online meetings:

  1. User-friendly interface: The ClickMeeting interface is straightforward, even for those who are new to online meetings. Everything is laid out and easy to find, so you won’t spend time fumbling around attempting to learn how to use the software.
  2. Wide range of features: ClickMeeting offers a wide range of parts, including the ability to share your screen, record meetings, and collaborate on documents in real-time. This means getting the most out of your online meeting experience and getting your work done more efficiently.

Uses: who can use click meeting and for what purposes

Since its inception, ClickMeeting has been used by businesses and professionals worldwide for a variety of purposes. Some of the most popular uses include holding online meetings and training sessions, webinars, and video conferencing. Additionally, ClickMeeting can create online surveys and polls, provide customer support, and collaborate on projects with team members. No matter your needs, there is a good chance that ClickMeeting can help you meet them.

How to create a meeting

  1. Meetings are often a necessary evil in the workplace, but they don’t have to be dreaded events.
  2. There are a few essential things to remember when creating and leading a meeting:
  3. Set a schedule and send it out in advance. This will help participants come prepared and keep the meeting on track.
  4. Make sure you have a clear purpose for the meeting – what do you hope to accomplish?
  5. Establish rules of conduct, such as no phones or laptops allowed, and enforce them politely but firmly.
  6. Start and end on time – even if not everyone is there yet or has finished talking.
  7. Moderate the discussion – make sure everyone gets a chance to speak, but keep things moving forward.

How to join a meeting

  1. When joining a meeting, you will need to click on the link provided. This will take you to the meeting room.
  2. Once in the meeting room, you will see the other participants and their status.
  3. To join the meeting, click on the “join” button. Your choice then is requested to supply your name and email address.
  4. You choose then be brought to the waiting room. The host of the meeting will start the discussion when they are ready.
  5. If you are not already in a call, you will be placed in a call with the other participants once you join the meeting room.

Sharing your screen

When you’re meeting with someone online, there’s a good chance you’ll want to share your screen in clickmeeting conference tool. This can be completed in a few straightforward actions in ClickMeeting.

First, start by clicking on the “Share Screen” button in the toolbar. This will bring up a menu with different options for sharing your screen.

Select the option that works best for you, and then follow the instructions on the screen. You can transfer your entire screen or select a specific window to share.

If you need to share something confidential, you can password protect your screen sharing session. This will ensure that only people who know the password can see your screen.

Once you’re done sharing your screen, click on the “End Screen Sharing” button to disconnect.

Viewing other people’s screens

When you’re giving a presentation, there’s always that one person in the back of the room checking their email or browsing the web. It can be incredibly distracting and make it difficult for you to focus on your talk. There are a few ways to fight this, however.

One is to make sure your presentation is exciting and engaging enough that people will want to pay attention. Another is to use a tool like ClickMeeting, allowing people to view your screen from their computer. This way, they can still check their email or surf the web without being disruptive to others.

Recording a meeting

  1. Meetings are a necessary part of life, but they can often be long and tedious.
  2. Conference call services like ClickMeeting make recording meetings easy and can help keep everyone on track.
  3. By recording the meeting, you’ll have a reference point to look back on for future meetings or share with others who were unable to attend.
  4. In addition, meeting recordings can be used as a training tool for new employees or to revisit past strategies and goals.
  5. Recording a meeting is simple – just hit the record button and start talking!
  6. The recording will be saved in MP3 format, making it easy to share or upload to YouTube or other video-sharing sites.
  7. Meeting recordings can also be edited if needed to remove any sections that you don’t want people to see or hear.


Clickmeeting conference tool is a powerful tool that can help you and your team stay connected and productive. With its easy-to-use interface, you can quickly set up and join online meetings, share your screen, and collaborate on documents. With its built-in recording feature, you can easily capture and share your meeting highlights. So if you’re looking for a reliable and affordable online conferencing solution, check out click meeting.

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