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The topic is how to rename apps. App names are important. When users install an app, the name may cause them to try it or ignore it completely. But what if the time came to change that name?

We should be able to quickly adapt and update the names of our apps as we grow older, but it is not always easy to know where to start. We have been working to improve our naming process and want to share with you what we have learned so far.

Step 1: Go to the Settings app

How to rename apps, follow this steps1:

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Go to the Home screen and press Applications & notifications> Application and web shortcuts (or Apps & notifications> Shortcuts to other Samsung devices). You can find this option in Quick Settings or swipe down on any screen to unlock it when using Android 9 Pie or earlier.
  • Click the links you want to rename, then type your new name in the Rename section at the bottom of each link, and press Rename when you have finished typing.

Step 2: Click on the home screen

How to rename apps, follow these steps2:

In the Settings app, click the Home screen option. This will take you to a page in the Settings application that lists all your apps, in both their title and their names.

Step 3: Click on the App and Web shortcuts

How to rename apps, follow the steps3:

In the left navigation window, select the application you want to run again.

In the right pane, click Application and Shortcuts. On the Create Shortcuts page, find and select the application you want to add as a shortcut to your app renamed in Azure AD B2B. Click OK when you have finished adding the new shortcuts; this will appear in both your list of applications and web applications (if any).

Step 4: Click the links you want to rename

How to rename apps, follow these steps4:

To rename an application, click on the link you would like to rename. The name will appear in another box as shown below.

You can rename multiple applications at once. To do so:

  • Make sure all the apps you want appear in your list (you will see them highlighted in yellow). If not, click on the one that does not show and it will appear in your list; then repeat on any additional that is not on your list
  • Click “Rename” under the name of each application
  • In the text box that appears above the icon of each application, enter a new title for this link

Step 5: Click Rename, type whatever you like, and then click OK.

How to rename apps, follow these steps5:


  • Click the “Rename” link.
  • Type whatever you like, then click OK.
  • Click on “Home screen”.
  • Click on the “Apps” section at the top of your screen.

From here, you can edit a few things about this app shortcut:

  • Name — The name of your shortcut is displayed above it. You can change this by clicking on it and then typing something else in your area.
  • Shortcut type — There are a few options here (see below) that determine how an app opens when you click on a list of other app shortcuts (like tapping “Instagram” from the Instagram grid structure). If you do not want to change anything about the appearance or behavior of the shortcut available, just select one of these menus; if not, keep reading to find out more about each option:
  • Default: This option opens an app that was last used in this group (for example, if you have already opened Safari once today, going to any other group will expose Safari again). If the applications are not yet used, unlocking one will automatically open default user/device settings which may not be appropriate depending on the type of design information the user may need based on global feedback on usability issues resulting from timely changes. previous releases when certain features were removed after testing revealed that they were problematic due to unintended consequences resulting from interactions such as variations such as device types and settings changes made by individual users (i

You have successfully renamed your apps!

If you are not happy with the new app names, you can change them. You can change your app names whenever you like.

Here are some ideas for what you can rename:

  • To remind yourself what the app is used for (i.e., if it is a production app)
  • If there is a clear connection between the old word and what it does but not in its new name (i.e., if it was once called “Library Library” but is now called “Books”).


This is a long process and can take an hour or more, so make sure you start when you have time on your hands. If you still need to how to rename apps and do not want to go through all these steps, it may help to contact us directly by sending us a message with your request. We are happy to help!

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