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Spotify to Release All-New Feature in 2022


In March of 2021, Spotify announced a slew of new features released in 2022. These changes are meant to address some of the users’ complaints about the service and make it more competitive with rival streaming services like Apple Music and Tidal. Most notably, Spotify will be introducing a new subscription tier called “Spotify Premium Family.” This tier will allow up to six family members to share a subscription for $14.99 per month.

First Get to Know About Spotify

Spotify is a melody streaming service that was founded in Sweden in 2008. Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon founded it. It has over 100 million users and offers a free and paid subscription. The free subscription allows users to listen to music on-demand, while the paid subscription offers ad-free listening, offline playback, and higher quality audio. Spotify also offers a family plan that allows up to six people to share a subscription.

The music on Spotify is entirely free, but you’ll often have to deal with banner ads between songs in different apps, and there’s an occasional audio ad between your playlists. Spotify offers personalized playlists in addition to albums you can listen to in their entirety, created by Spotify staff and volunteers and independent artists and users. Spotify enables you to create playlists and share them with your channels. If you’re willing to pay for Spotify Premium, a paid membership that allows you to listen to and download Spotify songs without advertisements, then that’s an option.

New Features Announced by Spotify in 2022

In a recent press release, Spotify announced several new features released in 2022. These features include an offline mode, a “smart” playlist, and a “private listening” mode. The “smart” playlist feature will create playlists based on specific criteria, such as artist, genre, or mood. The “private listening” mode will allow users to listen to their music without others hearing it.

Check your most up-to-date stats

You can analyze your past listening habits all year by using the Spotify platform’s end-of-year year-end Wrapped campaign, but you may as well keep track of them elsewhere. Sites such as transfers. Stats may offer new visualizations of your stats, whereas you can access your profile to view your past listening habits.

Go to the user name portion of the desktop app or web player to see the best artists and songs of the month. Click Profile. Your user profile will consist of your preferred artists and themes of the month. The mobile app’s top-right corner offers a clear option to play the most recent songs. Select this, and you will see a list in chronological order of all of your previous played songs.

Pin content in your library for leisurely access 

To improve your expertise and access to the things you like the most, take advantage of Spotify’s spinning element. You can pin up to four playlists, musicians, albums, or podcasts to the top of your library for straightforward access. If your desired picture is on the mobile app, you can swipe right over it to pin it to the leading-most screen—swipe right from that to unpin the photo.

Search smarter

In addition to briefly browsing Spotify by song, album, artist, genre, mood, or lyrics, you can also study more precise search results and refine your search by various parameters.

For example, you could type the word artist: “Nina Simone” and the publication date “1959-1965” in the search bar, and Spotify will replace all the songs Nina Simone recorded. Or you could enter a search phrase such as “1970-1979” into a search bar, and Spotify will show you a collection of songs created during that time.

Enhance a playlist you create

If you don’t want to trust Spotify’s algorithm to generate a playlist for you, you can use the Enhance button at the top of the main playlist page. Start a personal playlist, then tap the Enhance link. Spotify will suggest various similar songs, indicated with a green icon. If you want to add any recommended tracks to your playlist, click your mouse on the plus sign next to its name.

Build a new playlist based on an existing playlist 

A great way to generate more Spotify playlists is enabling it to create the official Spotify playlist from several other playlists you’re already known to have made. The function works when the basis of the playlist you’re working with is yours. Right-click on a playlist and select Build a similar playlist to utilize this feature.

Collaborate on a playlist with others

Spotify lets your friends join in and create lists, as well as add, remove, and rearrange tracks. Anyone included in the collaborative playlist can add or remove songs from it.

To create a new playlist in the app, open an existing playlist, or open a collaborative playlist, tap the Collaborative icon that looks like a person with a plus sign. Alternatively, you can tap one of the three dots then select Make collaborative. Once the playlist is cooperative, you can share the link with others.

Spotify’s Spotify Blend feature is another nifty web-based resource that enables two users to collaborate to create a shared playlist based on their recent listening habits. To collaborate on your desired playlist on the mobile app, you need to go to the Made for you section under the search tab, and tap Create a Blend. When the other person joins, a blend playlist is automatically created that’s updated daily.

Organize playlists into folders 

If you’re interested in customizing playlists and storing them in the same place, you can organize your library by creating folders that group similar songs with each other. You can generate these playlist folders only on the desktop program or the web player, but they appear on all your devices.

Right-click upon the playlist section choose to Create a folder to give it a name. After that, click and drag a playlist within the folder to include it.


In conclusion, Spotify is making significant changes and additions to its service. They are focusing on personalization and creating a unique user experience. It will keep users engaged and make the platform more competitive in the music streaming industry. With these new features, Spotify is sure to remain a top choice for music lovers worldwide.

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